Registration and activation for a Free Trial

Register on filling the fields in the form, to display Weakrisk FX on your PC or through our APP that you can download from the Apple Store for I-Pad or I-Phone. Only one access at a time is allowed and for proper display on your PC, we recommend the use of a new browser (Explorer 9 or 10, Firefox, Opera or Chrome).


A minimum screen resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels is required. Anyway for more convenient navigation and viewing of all contents, higher resolutions are recommended. The free trial lasts 10 days and it is the same for Institutional or private Investors.

Activation free trial

Once logged, to activate the free trial, you will receive a link on your email address, to be confirmed. If you do not receive the link for validation, please contact us, because something wrong happened


By clicking the link and choosing the WeakRisk version to display (in this case WEB Version) you will complete the registration directly accessing the area dedicated for your login, by entering, your email as user and as password the one you have chosen. Completed these easy steps, you will have immediately access to WeakRisk FX.


Operation and Settings


After login , trought Instrument function, you can access the configuration widget, choose the financial instrument (Forex or CFD’s) and make up your work area.


Only with the Pro version, you’ll have two time frames short term and long term. Every mathematical algorithm modifies the chart configuration parameters (time frame, visualization coefficient, sensibility) fully automatically. Who does not make a dynamic and intense intraday trading operations will consider preferably long term and short term algorithms for who prefer a short-term operation. For every financial instrument you will see the price (BID ASK) , the position of Weakrisk FX, the profit and loss current, the historical profit and loss and possible alternative scenario, or trend reversal. This is a dynamic comment and the prices may change, it depends on the price movement. Remember that the signal are on closed bar.

Reorganization and positioning tools list

Weakrisk FX is intuitive, you can move any widget by adding or removing them from the grid, drag them and place them according to your needs.


Details tool


Acting on the icons on the right can, by acting on the + sign , open the graph of the financial instrument.On the chart, the change of the main trend is signalized by a red arrow, (descending) when the trend changes from long to short, a blue arrow (ascending) when the trend changes from short to long. The main trend is highlighted with blue bars, when ascending and with red bars when descending. You can see the entry points and date of the deals if you positioning the mouse directly on the arrow. The resistances (R1, R2, R3) and supports (S1, S2, S3) of the day , the pivot point of the day are on bottom of the graph.



Displays the historical performance achieved to date, placing the mouse at the top of the graph you will also know all returns daily.



It shows the results of the historical performance, the equity line and comprehensive statistics on each deal, Net Asset Value -Max Draw Down – Profit & Loss – Max Equity – Number of trades – Avg Trades- Winning trades -Sharpe Index -Sortino Index-profit factor and all metrics useful to analyze the outcome of a strategy. You will have a global overview of the results of operational strategies (Strategy Evaluation) and carry out comparative analysis on the effectiveness of the various tools, templates and time frames (Strategy Benchmarking).



Allows you, to check all the deals carried out by WeakRisk Fx.


WeaKRisk Basket

Through WeakRisk Basket, you will access to WeakRisk Basket, a tool for the risk management of your portfolio, based on differentiation and the simultaneous use of a plurality of instruments, several currencies, with different time frames, all monitored and managed automatically by an Artificial Intelligence. You can choose from baskets created for you. In this product, you can also view the historical performance, the statistics of each basket and the deals carried out. The same artificial intelligence will review, once a month, and, if needed, change the Basket autonomously, changing weights and composition.

WeaKRisk 3d Maps

Through 3d Maps you will access the graphs to see the performance on a historical basis or on the open deals and to monitor the market trends. The width of the box is linked to the quantitative data of the performance, showed inside the section represented. The color is related to the P & L, red for negative performance, green for positive performance.


Through Calendar you will be informed about the news of the major economic and financial events.

WeaKRisk Options

Through Options, you can view in a concise table: the “Underlying”, that is the currency to which puts and calls are referred; the “Strike Price” that is the rate to which you can buy or sell the currency; the’”Expire Date”, that is the expiration date of the option. The prices of Calls or Puts for the currency analyzed.


You can subscribe and purchase WeakRisk services:
1) Directly from the dashboard, by pressing the BUY license button, where you can see the tools and their expiration. You can also extend the service as long as you want it without waiting for the expiration date and extending the acquired tool to the existing one.


2) Directly from the website (section Subscribe now), through the page where you can choose your subscription. 12 months subscription include the Alert Push service to monitor the market when you are out of the base!