storeOnce downloaded Weakrisk FX from the Apple Store, you can require a demo account for 10 days, by clicking on the specific button, then entering a valid email address and a password and finally by sending your request.


The free trial lasts 10 days and is identical for Institutional or private Investors, without any limitation in the number of instruments analyzed or Widget proposed.

Activation Free trial

Once logged, to activate the free trial, you will receive a link on your email address, to be confirmed. If you do not receive the link for validation, please contact us, because something wrong happened.

By clicking the link and choosing the WeakRisk version to display (in this case the mobile version) you will complete the registration directly accessing the area dedicated for your login, by entering your email as user and as password the one you have chosen. Completed these easy steps, you will have immediately access to WeakRisk FX.



You can create a favorites list with a simple “touch” on the star on the left side that becomes red when the financial instrument becomes part of your favorites. To delete a “favorite” just tap again the star in red. Once done this choice, just open, through the appropriate icon and choose “only favorites“, within the various proposed filters.


Reorder favorites list

You can also place them as you want, by acting on the proper icon, that will allow you to drag and place them according to your requirement.


Functionality and settings


At the bottom of the APP, are grouped all the icons for the functions of WeakRisk FX.

Through the icon Signal once created your list “favorites”, you can analyze in real time the current positions in the market.


WeakRisk FX allows you to perform analysis on time periods of short and long term. Using proprietary algorithms, WeakRiskFx provides different levels of interpretation of the current trend, by helping to identify the most appropriate parameter to your operativity. Through a Tab filter, you can filter the currencies choosing among these two time frames and recognizable from the icon that follows the currency analyzed. Who does not apply a dynamic trading or an intense operativity intraday will use mainly algorithms long term, while those who prefer a short term operation, will be interested in short terms algorithms.


The algorithm chosen changes the configuration parameters of the graph (time frame, visualization coefficient, sensibility) automatically. The indications are given, along with other information, in real time, as the entry rate into the trend, the P & L and the price of the currency analyzed.

Strategies details

Main tabs – With a “touch” and by clicking on the tool, you can have access to the details of the strategies.
In this area, there is a commentary showing the open position and the eventual target or the alternative strategy to stop & reverse, profit taken and the secondary trends targets. Are also shown the resistances (R1, R2, R3) and supports (S1, S2, S3) of the day (Pivot Point) that represent targets on short time and can be used to place profit-taking. It is quite common in fact, that the market takes a pause in front of supports or has strong acceleration when the resistances are broken.

Through a simple touch you can also open the page where you can activate the preferred alerts.


Chart – WeakRisk Fx is a system helping you to identify trading trends on the currency markets and for this reason it always keeps a directional position on the market. An arrow (descending) red, signals a bearish trend (Short), an arrow (ascending) blue, signals an uptrend (Long). Any change of trend can always be anticipated by a push notification. (Alert Signal Function)

Performance – In this area you can see the results for the currency analyzed. You can filter the result for a period, or display with a touch the daily performance.

Statistics – It shows the results of the historical performance, the equity line and comprehensive statistics on each deal, Net Asset Value -Max Draw Down – Profit & Loss – Max Equity – Number of trades – Avg Trades- Winning trades -Sharpe Index -Sortino Index-profit factor and all metrics useful to analyze the outcome of a strategy. You will have a global overview of the results of operational strategies (Strategy Evaluation) and carry out comparative analysis on the effectiveness of the various tools, templates and time frames (Strategy Benchmarking).


Operations – In this area you can ceck every deals, necessary to confirm the results obtained from WeakRisk FX.

3d Maps – They are graphical representations that show the performance of WeakRiskFX activity on historical basis and the open deal. The width of the box is linked to the quantitative data of the historical performance, shown numerically in the represented section. The color of this box is linked to the P & L, red for negative performance, green for positive performance and allows you to keep under control the evolution of the market.


Basket – Through the icon Basket, you will access to WeakRisk Basket, a tool for the risk management of your portfolio, based on differentiation and the simultaneous use of a plurality of instruments, several currencies, with different time frames, all monitored and managed automatically by an Artificial Intelligence. You can choose from a lot of baskets created for you. In this product, you can also view the historical performance, the statistics of each basket and the deals carried out. The same artificial intelligence will review, once a month, and, if needed, change the Basket autonomously, changing weights and composition. You can delegate for each basket the special alert that will notify you of any change of trend.


Options – Through this icon, you can view in a concise table: the “Underlying”, that is the currency to which puts and calls are referred; the “Strike Price” that is the rate to which you can buy or sell the currency; the’”Expire Date”, that is the expiration date of the option. The prices of Calls or Puts for the currency analyzed with.


Icon More – Through this icon you can access the function Alarms signal to place an alert when a level, up or down, in your currency or Cfd’s is touched or when the trend is changed. You have also access to the economic News, the Economic Calendar, the Manual, the Contacts area and the Apple Store to buy Weakrisk FX.



You can subscribe and purchase WeakRisk services:
1) Directly from the dashboard, by pressing the button Buy license , where you can see the tools and their expiration. You can also extend the service as long as you want it without waiting for the expiration date and extending the acquired tool to the existing one.

2) Directly from the website (section Subscribe now), through the page where you can choose your subscription. 12 months subscription include the Alert Push service to monitor the market when you are out of the PC!

3) From the section of your APP, entering in APP Apple Store