Weakrisk FX trading system!
Weakrisk FX trading system!


Computers_For-HFT-Blog-PostThe Expert Advisors (EA) of the trading platform MetaTrader 4, basically are programs used in trading strategies and automated trading.

WeakRisk has developed, exclusively for institutional clients, fully automated trading systems that can operate autonomously 24 hours per day on Forex and CFD’s markets. The algorithm allows to perform operations on these markets, independently and under the constant monitoring of an artificial intelligence. It adapts its own operativity according on the performance of the underlying, acquires prices and places orders, fully automatically.

Basic element of this artificial intelligence is the risk control. The entire system has been developed to monitor, manage and minimize the most important changeable component in the financial markets: the risk.

La risk management is based on the differentiation caused by the following elements:

  • The simultaneous use of a plurality of tools

  • The use of multiple financial instruments

  • The use of multiple time frames


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